This project was done for a weekend house in East Hampton, NY. This design is a large bunk, a twin bed over a full with a pull out trundle, ideal for sleepovers.  Using a unique blend of custom color, the bed offers a traditional gray matched with a more playful orange.  

Placed alongside the unit are steps (seen above) leading up to the twin bed, all of which have been fashioned with gray drawers that can easily be used for storage.  

Outside the set sits an integrated desk area (seen above) that holds two pencil drawers towards the front of the platform as well as four cubbyholes beneath, acting as perfect areas for school and office storage.

In addition to the bed we designed a matching dresser with handmade leather pulls.


Our prospective customers frequently ask us how we work on a custom project. Should we do a home consultation? Designing a child's room is a process that often starts with a showroom visit. Like the Oliver family did one Saturday afternoon last summer. Upon their visit we discussed their needs and showed them a range of bunk beds and loft beds for their daughters.

The showroom visit was followed up by a home consultation. Upon our visit we found out the girls were still sleeping in toddler beds and didn't have enough storage space. The existing room (pictured below) seemed large enough to create different configurations.

We presented several layouts to our customers and we settled on two customized Dumbo loft beds plus some additional storage. The beds would share the stairs. In a corner room with floor-to-ceiling windows we knew that some light could be blocked by our beds.

The girls enjoy going up and down the stairs and using the drawers to store all their costumes. The spaces under the beds are "room size" for the children's scale.