Will, Eliza and Allie's Rooms: Adjoining rooms fitted with a bunk bed and loft bed.

The rooms are adjoined spaces where we installed a loft bed with a desk beneath, and a bunk bed with stairs. 

The bunk bed features stairs, as well as smooth, round cutouts that provide easy gripping points, ensuring that climbing up and down safely is a breeze. A hanging tray serves as a nightstand for the lower bunk and can easily be repositioned if desired.

The loft bed we installed is equipped with our U-shaped staircase. The U-shaped configuration is a major advantage, increasing safety as she climbs up and down, adding to the room’s storage capacity (the stairs double as drawers), as well as making it easy for parents to access her bed when it’s time for laundry, bedtime stories or getting cozy. Below the loft is a desk that faces the window, as well as extensive shelving.