How to Divide a Shared Kids’ Room

Oftentimes it feels like we can’t keep up with kids’ ever expanding collection of toys, books, and clothes; even more so when they need to share a bedroom. These shared rooms can feel cramped and lack privacy. Luckily room partitions made with clever solutions like custom shelving, panels, and more address all of these problems and create extra storage.

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Accessorize Your Bed

What are bed accessories?

We love furniture that’s all in one so we created bed accessories. These accessories can expand your bed’s functionality. They can increase storage capacity in a room or even allow for overnight guests.

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CASAKiDS x Katie Merz

Joining us at the annual Brooklyn Designs show will be visual artist Katie Merz as we unveil our newest collaboration. Drawing inspiration from architecture, the dynamism of cartoons, and her own NYC upbringing, Katie Merz is perhaps best known for her large scale murals like her piece at 80 Flatbush, Brooklyn. Together we’re creating a series of urban inspired engraved bunk beds; starting with our Brooklyn themed bed.

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