With the recent opening of New York City’s first micro-apartment building, as well as the nation’s increasing embrace of working from home, Brooklyn-based design studio, Casa Collection is launching a new line of space-saving lofts for adults. The units are much more than just beds, comprising loads of storage and cabinetry space, as well as desks and daybeds in order to address the needs now inherent in modern urban living. 

This collection of king and queen size loft beds is an excellent alternative to the Murphy bed, as it utilizes the space below, dramatically adding to the functionality of a small living area. All models are customizable, allowing the user to choose the configuration below the bed that best suits his or her needs. 

Casa Collection is the sister company of Casa Kids, whose well documented expertise lies in custom beds and storage solutions for small spaces. All products are made in Brooklyn, primarily with FSC and CARB certified birch and walnut plywood, which ensures the longevity of the furniture.