Celia and Tamsen's Room: A crib under a bunk bed.

This design is ideal when there is an age difference of at least five years between siblings. Two sisters, a six-year-old and baby, share this room.

The crib is on wheels and can easily roll in and out from under the bunk bed. In the future, as the baby grows, the crib can be converted into a toddler bed and later replaced by a twin bed (the conversion is pictured above). 

The specially designed crib is set low to the ground to maximize space beneath the bottom of the loft and access to the child in the crib. The bunk bed features a landing that slows a child as he or she moves up and down the stairs for added safety.

At the bed’s footboard there is a large embedded closet and dresser. We have also installed a removable bookshelf underneath the loft so that when the children grow out of the bed, the book shelves can be repurposed in a different part of the room.