Eva's Room: White and pink in bamboo.

This is a small, oddly-shaped room that required additional storage and a desk. Eva decided that she did not want a loft bed so we addressed the challenge of creating extra storage by building drawers and cabinets into the bed. The capacity of the space we created is more than that of a very large dresser, and we positioned the shoe cabinet near the closet she uses so that she can easily coordinate as she dresses.

The pink details, such as drawer handles, are designed to be removable and can be replaced in the future with something more neutral to accommodate a child’s changing tastes. The material used in this piece is bamboo, known not only for its strength and durability, but also for its “green” qualities. Bamboo is fast growing and re-populates quickly once harvested. This design also features a pull out tray near the headboard that serves as a night table and can be recessed when not in use.


Eva’s desk features drawers, a hanging bookcase above and a cable management shelf beneath the desktop that wards off clutter by keeping all wires and surge protectors off the floor.