Jack's Room: A redesigned room for an older child.

In an Upper West Side apartment, we redesigned Jack's bedroom. Since Jack is an older child, it was important to provide him with modern furniture and a large desk to last him through his teenage years.

Casa kids bed with storage underneath.

We designed a custom version of our Modulor desk for Jack's room. This design features two sets of asymmetrical storage drawers, two pencil drawers and a magnetic board where important papers can be displayed. We installed our floating bookshelves above the desk and added an orange accent color to match the existing pieces.

Asymmetrical desk. Casa Kids custom furniture.

A bold orange accent color was chosen to compliment the walls and birch furniture.

Custom furniture made in Brooklyn, New York.

In addition to all the storage space that Jack has in his room, his headboard and nightstand feature upper storage shelves where his collectables can be displayed.

Casa kids night stand and dresser.
Casa Kids custom children's furniture. Low VOC furniture.