Tys' Room: A day bed with a trundle, ample storage and a radiator cover.

This room features a day bed with a trundle underneath that is perfect for sleepovers and out of town guests, as well as shelving, a radiator cover and a large cabinet.

The bed is flanked by two tall bookcases and a third one above the bed. We built an adjacent radiator cover that not only masks the radiator, but also provides extra shelf and counter space.


Near the room's entrance we installed shallow shelving that is perfect for displaying toys or collections and doesn't block light from the room's doorway.

The room did not contain a built-in closet, so we solved the family's storage challenges with this large, floor-to-ceiling cabinet. It serves as a closet, dresser and storage cabinet, and was designed to sit flush with the existing nook in the room's wall to maximize floor space.


The featured products in this room are a customized version of our Cabin Daybed and Trundle bed.