Three Sisters Share A Room: A Bunk Bed & Loft Bed

Our goal was to create a room for the three sisters with plenty of shared space for work and play, while still giving them their own individual spaces. The beds are placed along both brick walls leaving enough play space in the center of the room, and the bookshelves were placed near the window so that the natural light was not obstructed. We used a combination of walnut and white painted plywood to compliment the room’s aesthetic.

walnut and white bunk bed
childrens loft bed
walnut and white childrens room

The storage cabinet we built provides ample space for all of the girls games, arts & crafts supplies, and whatever else they may need to store away. The bottom shelf was built out so that it can also be used as a bench.

walnut and white childrens furniture

For the younger sisters, we built our Marino Bunk Bed with stairs leading up to the top bunk. Each step includes a drawer to maximize storage space, and we installed a guardrail to provide additional safety for the girls as they go up and down the stairs. The design also includes a trundle bed that can be used for the occasional overnight guest.

storage steps and guardrail

To maximize space for the oldest sister, we built our Dumbo Loft Bed that features a closet and drawers underneath, as well as storage steps on the side. This design includes a desk that can be used for study and activity time.

casa kids study and activity time

However, she is more than welcome to join her sisters at their activity table.

casa kids activity time

The mattress supports feature cut-outs so the girls can play monkey bars from the comfort of their own bedroom.

playing on bunk beds

We designed this room with the future in mind, and in doing that, we are assured that the girls will love their room for many years to come.