Ali and Katie's Room: Two sister share Dumbo loft beds.

To keep an open floor plan in Ali and Katie's room, we decided to place two Dumbo loft beds on opposite walls. This layout gives the girls their own space while still leaving plenty of shared play space around the room.

casa kids-loft bed

Each bed has a full desk underneath so the girls can do their homework separately, but the beds are close together so that they are able to help each other. Opposite the desk is a large open cabinet with shelving where the girls can store their books, supplies and toy collections.

casa kids-loft bed-furniture
casa kids-bed with stairs

We added our storage stairs to these loft beds to give the girls an extra 8 drawers for storing clothes and toys. For increased safety, we added a stair rail panel with cut outs that the girls can hold while walking up and down the stairs. A white accent color was also added to compliment the birch finish and the rug in the girl's room.

casa kids-loft bed
casa kids-workspace-kids furniture