Laila and Raphael's Room: A crib below a loft bed.

A sister and her baby brother share an open and airy room in a Brooklyn Heights loft. Since Laila is much older than Raphael, it made sense to place a crib underneath our Dumbo loft bed. The crib can eventually be replaced with a second bed, but until then the space between the crib and shelving unit serves as an area where the parents can lay and comfort their children. 

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Since Laila is a younger child, we decided that it would be best to that the loft bed included our storage stairs. In addition to the increased safety and functionality that the stairs offer, we also had them carpeted to prevent slipping. 


Storage was very important to our clients, so in addition to the open shelving and storage stairs, we designed modulor bookcases, a dresser and a desk that features a combination of open and closed storage.


We love the playful vibe that our clients created for their children. The soft pink walls and colorful carpet are the perfect elements to help the finish of our natural and white furniture to stand out.