Ryder and Hayden's Room: Luxe elegance and timeless charm.

We collaborated with an interior designer to create a timeless, luxury space for 6-year-old Ryder and 5-year-old Hayden full of high-end features and unexpected details, along with all the things two growing boys needed, in this sun-drenched Chelsea bedroom.

Marino bunk Bed with stairs.jpeg

We chose a Marino Bunk Bed with stairs and an extra stair rail panel for added safety in a premium walnut finish with custom linen-white accents for a functional-yet-sophisticated sleeping space. We added a trundle below the bottom bunk for guest sleepover space.

Stair drawers.jpeg

Storage stairs create additional space for toys and items like puzzles and board games without crowding the room.

Stair rail.jpeg

Custom rail, foot-board, and headboard cutouts keep the dark wood from feeling heavy or overwhelming.

Marino bunk Bed and custom dresser.jpeg
Leather pull.jpeg
Marino bunk Bed and dresser.jpeg

Leather handpulls give this custom, 8-pull dresser a rugged, upscale feel, for grown-up storage that still suits kids.

A simple, sophisticated room comes down to the details. Custom cutouts and exposed edges work with the walnut finish for a unique, elevated look full of understated polish and timeless elegance.