For Sidney and Blake, we designed the Dumbo loft bed with both stairs and a ladder, and a Marino twin bed. We decided that the best option for placement was putting the lower bed by the window, rather than the loft, as we did not want to block the natural light from entering the room.

casa kids-loft bed-twin bed

Both beds are connected by the stairs, however the layout separates the two and provides the children with a sense of privacy.

casa kids-loft bed-kids furniture

The stairs feature three deep drawers, and because of the bed placement, we decided to hollow out the top step so that Blake can use it as a cubby or nightstand.

casa kids-bed with stairs-cubby

 We placed three storage carts with wheels under the twin bed. They are a great place to store toys, and can easily be wheeled out during playtime.

casa kids-storage on wheels- kids furniture

The space underneath the loft bed includes a bookshelf and plenty of storage space, white the opposite side has a desk to be used for school work. We included a port hole right above the desk to make for a more open feel.

casa kids-workspace-kids furniture

The port hole also makes it easier for Sidney to communicate with her parents from her desk during homework time.

casa kids-loft bed-workspace