Sofia and Chiara's Room: A junior sized bedroom.

Two sisters share a room where we designed a custom junior size loft bed and bunk bed (65" L x 29.5" W) to help maximize the floor space. Since there is a large closet along one wall, we decided to place the furniture in an L-shaped formation with the closet acting as a partial wall and connected the two beds with stairs. By using this layout we were able to leave the room with an open and airy feel, while leaving the girls with a defined space to play and lounge.

casa kids junior beds

While playtime is important, we wanted to be sure that the girls had enough space for homework and study time. This loft bed features a full length desk that allows Sofia and Chiara to work next to each other while still having enough space to comfortable complete their work. Above the desk is a full length storage shelf where the girls can display their books and pictures.

junior loft bed and desk
casa kids desk under loft

In addition to the increased safety of our stairs, we also increased the functionality by putting a deep storage drawer in each step. This leaves the girls with plenty of space for clothes or toys, while dramatically cutting down on clutter.

bunk bed with storage stairs
junior bunk bed