Aram's Room: A square room goes ahoy!

Aram's room is our first and only theme-influenced design. The maritime theme was subtly incorporated by adding nautical details within parts of his loft bed, making Aram's room truly special. For his loft bed, we opted for u-shaped stairs making not only the climb up the bed easier but giving him more drawers for increased storage capacity.

The depth of the bed and an open back wall provides the perfect location for a larger L-shaped desk with loads of storage. Bamboo tops the desk giving a nice contrast of color and materials. 

CNC etched nautical flags spell out A-R-A-M for a customized touch.


Metal steel "boat" rails, "porthole" circles and more bamboo offer detailed nods to the understated nautical theme.

Under desk adjustable shelves provide the perfect space for private bins; while bursts of ocean blue on cabinet faces bring the theme full-circle.

The featured product in this room is a customized version of our Dumbo Loft bed.