Eleanor's Room: A Small Room in a Brownstone
Eleanor's room is a tight space in an urban brownstone. Our goal was to leave the floor as open as possible for play. We utilized the two walls to house the custom loft bed, desk and storage solutions. Cutouts are used throughout to create an "open" feel.

Storage was important to house Eleanor's knick knacks, so we incorporated open and closed shelving with pops of blue and orange leather straps throughout.

We constructed Eleanor's loft bed to perfectly match the height of the adjoining storage unit, providing a bedside "table" for her reading lamp and personal items.

Carpeted bed stairs make steps safer. Slot cutouts provide an open view of the room giving a more spacious feel.

We created deeper cabinets near the corner of the room. A large square cutout on the desk integrates the spaces and incorporates natural light.

The featured product in this room is Dumbo Loft bed.