ZACK’s ROOM: a loft bed doubles narrow space.

To optimize the narrow space in Zack’s room, we customized a Casa Kids Dumbo Loft Bed. We created a sleep and work solution along the back wall, allowing the rest of the room to remain open. Natural wood combined with white accents display a neutral look suitable for an older child. The finishes were chosen to keep the room light, and compliment the blue accent walls.

Casa kids custom bunk bed with Daybed underneath.

Since the room has a small closet, the space under the loft bed includes three tall and deep storage units for clothes and a hamper. A hanging tray serves as a nightstand and can easily be repositioned if desired.

Custom plywood furniture made in Brooklyn, New York

The loft bed features a ladder with ergonomic cutouts that provide easy gripping points, ensuring that climbing up and down is safe.

Custom couch below loft bed. Low VOC plywood furniture.

The opposite side features a desk to be used for school work, and open storage for books and other items. We included a cut out in front of the desk to accommodate the a/c and make for a more open feel.

Casa Kids custom plywood furniture. Made in Brooklyn, New York.

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