CASA KiDS - Made in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Since 1992 Casa Kids designs and builds contemporary children's furniture: loft beds, bunk beds, desks, storage units and entire custom rooms. Each piece is designed and fabricated with a focus on long-term durability and utility. A modular approach ensures that as children grow and their needs change, so does the furniture. Designer Roberto Gil brings a modern sensibility to his work, creating a clean, simple look that is both practical and playful. For customers based in New York City, Casa Kids does in-home consultations to ensure that each piece is designed and built to fit into your home organically. 

When we first met the twins, they were sharing a large room with high ceilings. But now at the age of 7 (and into respective boy and girl things), we were asked us to create a partition for separation.  In order to create privacy, we created a customized middle partition. This customized middle partition contains the children's activities and storage needs, providing a place to work, play and to house clothes, books and their toys. We used natural birch plywood with white elements to be a neutral backdrop to tie in the two children's distinct color choices and personalities.

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The MiniParker, our first doll furniture piece, is a bunk bed perfectly sized for your little ones’ playmates; including the typical 18 inch dolls. The MiniParker bed, inspired by two of our best-selling "real bunk beds”, The Marino Bunk Beds and the new LoLo, is constructed out of the same quality birch plywood, providing a truly special heirloom doll bed. The simple natural and white design appeals to kids aged 4-12. Each MiniParker features an upper bunk bed and a bottom level day bed, with lidded storage that offers the perfect space for dolls clothes and their accessories. 

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