Jake's Room: A loft bed with views of the city.

The tight dimensions and unique shape of Jake’s room called for a custom solution. To maximize the space, we mounted one end of the loft bed on top of the radiator which we also built a cover for. The space underneath the loft has loads of shelving and a built-in desk, giving Jake a place to store his books and do schoolwork.

We’ve maintained a neutral color palate of natural with whitewash accents to increase the longevity of the furniture. Aside from the storage drawers built into the stair steps, custom storage is also built into the side of the loft bed. Circles, a playful theme throughout the entire room serve many functions such as a window to peer from, grips to climb stairs and finger pulls for drawers.

This room has an amazing view of the city and we've strategically placed a storage bench beneath the corner window to take advantage of this. For an easy way to clean up and manage clutter, we've built toy carts than can be stowed away underneath the bench.

We've also designed a custom closet for Jake which has hanging rods on each end and adjustable shelving, making it easy to re-configure as the child grows and the closet's use changes over time.

The featured product in this room is a customized version of our Dumbo Loft Bed.